Monday, December 18, 2017

Double Wrap Infinity Scarf

I wanted an infinity scarf to match my Textured Bun Hat so I started looking for patterns on Ravelry, but I didn't see anything free that I liked.  Even the pay patterns weren't anything that I really loved and said I NEED THIS NOW, so I figured I'd just try making one without a pattern! YAY!

Below are the steps I took in case someone else stumbles across this scarf and likes it. :)

Hook: J/10 - 5.75mm

Yarn: Vanna's Choice Charcoal Grey and Silver Heather, Wool-Ease Blush Heather, and Ironstone Papicoco White (discontinued).  All are #4 Worsted/Aran.

Note: ch at start of each row does not count as a stitch. The first stitch should be in the same stitch as the ch.  When joining at the end, always join to first stitch (not ch).  A pattern I made recently called for this and it hid the seam better.  Also, some stitches don't end evenly when you get back around, so I just did what I thought looked good at the end.

1. ch220, join in a circle with ss
2. ch2, hdc in each ch, ss to 1st hdc (220 hdc)
3. ch2, dc in back loop of each st, ss to join (220 dc)
4. ch1, sc in each st, ss to join
5. ch2, 2dc in same st, *ch 1, skip next 2 st, 2dc into next st, repeat from * (73 V+ch, then one extra dc), ss to join
6. ch2, dc in each st
7. ch1, sc in the third loop behind
8. ch2, dc in same st, *ch 3, skip three st's, dc in fourth st, repeat from *
9. ch2, dc in same st, *3dc in ch space, dc in next st, repeat from *
10. ch2, dc in same st, skip one st, *dc in next st, ch 1, dc in same st as previous dc, skip 2, repeat from *
11. ch2, dc in same st, dc in next st, *dc in ch sp, dc in next two sts, repeat from *
12. ch1, sc in same st, *ch 2, skip two sts, sc in third st, repeat from *
13. ch2, dc in same st, *2dc in ch sp, dc in next st, repeat from *
14. ch2, hdc in same st and in each st around
15. ss in each st around
16. weave in all loose ends (there are a ton since I changed colors each row, my least favorite part...)

Rows 4, 8 and 12 were the discontinued yarn, so I chose those stitches because I can't get any more of the yarn and I didn't want to use a different white than the matching hat.

Third loop behind from step 7.

Trying to work out the directions for step 10.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Shoreline Afghan

I saw this afghan in an email from the Lion Brand website and LOVED IT!!!  I immediately started checking out the colors used and their availability.  Of the eight colors of Vanna's Choice, Fisherman was unavailable at my store so I'm using Linen.  The yellow was not to my liking, so I used Bernat in Dandelion.

So, I got busy with life and didn't have time to keep up with some posts!!!  This was one of them.  While I did finish the project, I don't have any other progress pictures to share...

Friday, June 24, 2016

Spring Comfort Throw

I took on this project back in September of 2015.  My goal was to have it completed for Christmas to give as a present to my Grandmother.  I didn't make it in time.  I had only been crocheting for a few short months when I found this Fall Comfort Throw on Ravelry.  It looked pretty and I decided to pick colors that would match Grammy's couch so that she could have it in the living room.

For my yarn choices, I wanted to find one variegated and three solids just like the pattern used.  Since Grammy's couch is tan with roses I decided on Red Heart Super Saver in Pink Camo.  When I had my variegated I just needed to find three solids that would match.  I'm not a super fan of the Super Saver yarn and I was actually a little disappointed that I couldn't find anything nicer in the color combination I was looking for, so I chose Caron Simply Soft for my solid colors since it was really soft.  For my solids I chose Soft Pink, Pistachio, and Bone.  The pink, green, and tan brought out colors in the camo yarn as well as matching the couch colors.

I was confused when I started this project since I had never seen anything like this stitch before and went to YouTube for clarity.  The directions were calling for triple crochet but the video showed double crochet, so I went with the video thinking I was reading the directions wrong.  After putting in HOURS of work and still only having a small square of work done, I looked back at the picture and how many rounds it took to hang from a chair to the ground...not many.  So it was supposed to be triples and not doubles.  It's okay, mine will just be more petite? The stitches sit tightly together and make it a very warm blanket.  Perfect for New Hampshire winters!  I later found out that the stitch was actually a Bavarian Square.

I had to put it down to complete other projects, but by the end of December, I was at 25" square with a goal of 40".

Progress Photos:

November 2015 - 3 rounds of each color

February 2016 - 4 rounds of each color

May 2016 - Complete

OMG!  That project felt like it took FOREVER!  I thought I would reach 40 inches by adding another set of each color, but I only achieved a final measurement of 32.5".  Plenty big enough for a lapghan. :)  I'm sure Grammy will love it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Black Dragon Pearl Tea

So I was out at the King of Prussia Mall with my friend shopping for fancy dresses since she's my date to chaperone the prom this year.  She see's the store and says "We have to go in!  I need more S'Mores Tea!" which peaked my interest.

So the store is TEAVANA and it's very appropriately named.  They had neat looking Asian Tea Pots and all these cool tea accessories!  And their wall of teas is just...more than I've seen before.  My friend was just going to get her S'Mores tea and we would be on our way, but the extremely friendly girl at the counter asked her if she had everything she needed and then showed us the Perfect Tea Maker.  Even better, it comes as a Starter Kit!  Comes with the Perfect Tea Maker of course, the Grey or Gold Teavana Tea Tin for keeping your tea extra fresh, and either a pound of Rock Sugar or the Perfect Tea Spoon.

I was sold!  Sign me up for some tea, too!  I bought the starter kit and chose the spoon for measuring loose tea.  Now to choose my tea!  They're all individually priced per 2 ounces, which says will make 20-25 cups.  I know I like Black Tea but I didn't want to go with something as ordinary as Earl Grey so when I saw the Black Dragon Pearl on the shelf I knew I wanted to try it.  The friendly associate even let me smell it and I couldn't wait to get home and try some.

She labeled my tin and said two or three of the little balls would be enough in my tea maker and she explained how the little balls are actually a whole lot of leaves all condensed together.  I was really surprised after making my first cup!

These little balls of leaves expanded so much!

And I made two cups without needing any more tea leaves.

The Perfect Tea Maker really is perfect!  So easy to use and with no mess.  It comes with it's own little tray to sit on in case of any leaks (which there were none), then sits right on top of your cup to dispense the tea from the bottom.  No leaves in my cup!  Yay!  It says the lid and strainer can be removed carefully for cleaning, but the strainer wasn't coming easily so I just rinsed it as one piece.  I don't want to break it the first time I use it!

I won't say I wasn't a little shocked with myself when I had to slide my credit card for sixty-something dollars, but most of that was the tea which I think will last a while since my tin is about half full.  I did see a negative review for the tin on their website, but the customer said that the lid came right off.  I did a flip test and mine stayed on just fine.  I agree that the inner seal is not as tight as it could be so maybe I'll throw some plastic wrap on to make sure the tea doesn't get stale.

All in all I'm very excited for my delicious tea which I'm drinking while I post!!! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Puppy Dog Peanut Butter Treats

My friend recently found out that her Great Dane has a terminal condition where he will slowly lose control of his limbs until he can no longer move.  That's obviously not the technical description, but basically what I understood from reading the information she sent me.  The same friend had recently given me a cookbook of organic dog biscuits so I asked her what his favorite flavor would be.  She knew Peanut Butter would be his absolute favorite so I went to the cookbook and found two recipes that called for peanut butter.  Puppy Dog Eyes was the winner!

I had the flours from a previous recipe. It calls for Oat Flour and Brown Rice Flour which I found at the local Giant Food Store.

It also calls for unsalted peanut butter which I easily found at Redners  (a local grocery store).

The ingredient that I couldn't find at my local store was the Carob Chips, but I didn't think they were necessary.  According to the internet Walmart carries them, but I wasn't making another stop, so no Carob Chips in my cookies.

I rolled them into balls, but instead of denting them with my thumb for the Carob Chips, I used a fork to flatten them like regular Peanut Butter Cookies for people!

My dog Tennessee loved them, so I'm sure his best friend Spot will also enjoy them.

A couple pictures of Tenny and Spotty together.  Tenny stayed the weekend at Spotty's house when we went to an out-of-town wedding.  Spotty's mommy sent us pictures throughout the weekend letting us know that they were having a great time together.  Tennessee is an 18 pound Chihuahua Mix; we're really not sure what he's mixed with.  Spot is a 150 pound Great Dane who was rescued from an abusive home.  They love to play together, Tenny running circles around Spot. :)