Friday, June 24, 2016

Spring Comfort Throw

I took on this project back in September of 2015.  My goal was to have it completed for Christmas to give as a present to my Grandmother.  I didn't make it in time.  I had only been crocheting for a few short months when I found this Fall Comfort Throw on Ravelry.  It looked pretty and I decided to pick colors that would match Grammy's couch so that she could have it in the living room.

For my yarn choices, I wanted to find one variegated and three solids just like the pattern used.  Since Grammy's couch is tan with roses I decided on Red Heart Super Saver in Pink Camo.  When I had my variegated I just needed to find three solids that would match.  I'm not a super fan of the Super Saver yarn and I was actually a little disappointed that I couldn't find anything nicer in the color combination I was looking for, so I chose Caron Simply Soft for my solid colors since it was really soft.  For my solids I chose Soft Pink, Pistachio, and Bone.  The pink, green, and tan brought out colors in the camo yarn as well as matching the couch colors.

I was confused when I started this project since I had never seen anything like this stitch before and went to YouTube for clarity.  The directions were calling for triple crochet but the video showed double crochet, so I went with the video thinking I was reading the directions wrong.  After putting in HOURS of work and still only having a small square of work done, I looked back at the picture and how many rounds it took to hang from a chair to the ground...not many.  So it was supposed to be triples and not doubles.  It's okay, mine will just be more petite? The stitches sit tightly together and make it a very warm blanket.  Perfect for New Hampshire winters!  I later found out that the stitch was actually a Bavarian Square.

I had to put it down to complete other projects, but by the end of December, I was at 25" square with a goal of 40".

Progress Photos:

November 2015 - 3 rounds of each color

February 2016 - 4 rounds of each color

May 2016 - Complete

OMG!  That project felt like it took FOREVER!  I thought I would reach 40 inches by adding another set of each color, but I only achieved a final measurement of 32.5".  Plenty big enough for a lapghan. :)  I'm sure Grammy will love it!